Ever hear the one about the driste for Urdhva Dhanurasana?

It’s defeat. I mean de feet. Er, the feet. Look for your feet. Your FEET!!!

That’s me talking to myself. Please excuse the lame riddle format. Must remember to look for my feet. It would be a good idea to keep my eyes open in Kapotasana too. And to not grunt audibly through an open mouth.

That aside, best Pasasana in a long time. I’ve decided to abandon rolled mats and blankets and go for the full achilles stretching Monty. And it was good. Totally would have fallen over if Arthur had moved away, but good nonetheless. Right now, I am only focusing on the bind. The heels will help me balance some other day (year; decade; epoch).

Loving and hating Kapotasana. I feel so much fear every time it comes up as the next pose. Then I go to the wall to research it, and I feel so much fear as I begin walking my hands down. Then I feel so much fear as Christopher pulls my fingers to my feet – the balls of my feet today.

But I do it anyway. I do. I do not try. I do.

And today, I was able to come up from Kapo B, which, I suppose bodes well for more consistency in coming up from UD.

This is amazingly good fun. Amazing what the body can do with proper training and the requisite discipline.

I just don’t know what to do about how ravenously hungry I feel afterwards.



9 Responses to Ever hear the one about the driste for Urdhva Dhanurasana?

  1. V says:

    What about…eating?!? 😛

  2. DebPC says:

    V took the words out of my mouth. Now put some food into yours.

    And by the way, it was the orange sweater.

  3. Stellata says:

    My feet are miles away from my eyeballs in UD!

  4. Yoga Chickie says:

    Even the speed of light won’t help me there either…

  5. lisa says:

    ??? nasagra driste… no?

  6. Yoga Chickie says:

    No! Not the nose! Not on updog either. Teacher says it is a western thing, and that the tradition is Broomadya.

  7. lisa says:

    Totally not true.
    For all backbends – including updog – driste is the nose.
    Yes, in yoga mala, there’s a pic of guruji doing updog and looking up. However, they now (and for 20 years) have been teaching it as the nose (see Lino’s book, etc). There are very few teachers who say its NOT the nose. Those that do tend to be Manju followers…

    Also, nose makes a ton more sense. Less neck pain, more focus, etc.

    Anyway, it must be weird having different teachers who teach so differently. How can there be consistency? What are you going to do? Change driste depending on who you are practicing with? That would drive me nuts.

  8. Yoga Chickie says:

    I don’t know, Lisa – is this Anon Shala Mate Lisa?

    Val and Guy and Lori all say what you say, and I have been doing it like that for as long as I have been practicing Ashtanga. And it felt fine. But it actually felt better to look up. I was told by a friend that Christopher started giving the Broomad. driste after the David Williams thing.

    With Val, I would definitely keep my eyes on my nose because this is something she was very specific with me about. With any other teacher, I would probably bring to my practice whatever Christopher has been teaching me because it has been working well.

  9. lisa says:

    Ah… from David Williams. Well, that explains it. Not a traditional ashtangi.

    Yes! Anon Shala Mate Lisa

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