Nothing new to report. It’s Tuesday after all.

After any length of time practicing Ashtanga, you learn eventually that new poses are not given out on Tuesdays (exceptions notwithstanding). Something about it being Hanuman’s day, not an auspicious day for whatever whatever. Actually, I really don’t know, nor am I particularly interested to know.

What interests me is that it is not just the Ashtangis of the world who consider Tuesday an inauspicious day for new things. According to the canon writ in this French New Wave film I just watched –
Cleo at 5 to 7, the French have a superstition that new things must not be bought on Tuesdays – not even TOUCHED.

I just found that kind of thrilling to put that together.

OK, off to my job as a chauffeur of four foot tall people.


p.s. oh wait – I forgot. There was some progress in Kapotasana. Touched both feet at almost the same time – which is progress for me. It’s only been, what, three days? So, let’s not expect too much here. But it was cool to feel some real articulation around my floating ribs. Never felt that before. Love that “OH MY GOD” feeling. It can never be reproduced (it’s about the newness). And such a thrill.


2 Responses to Nothing new to report. It’s Tuesday after all.

  1. joy suzanne says:

    I didn’t know this about Tuesday! I’m going to ask around.

  2. Yoga Chickie says:

    Yes – please do!

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