Oosh be? Or not oosh be? That, is the question.

Tomorrow, I am going into the city for Mysore with CH. I decided to do that instead of home practice because tomorrow is going to be such a busy day, what with Brian’s birthday party and all, and it takes less time for me to take a train into Grand Central and walk to YS than to muddle through a home (read: undisciplined) practice. And the CT is out of the question for me on Sundays because it is led Primary, and I can’t see why I would want to do that on a Sunday, let alone at 8 a.m. Also, I am really enjoying the train ride into the city. I love trains. It’s like having my own really inexpensive chauffer. Plus, I can stretch and sit in lotus on the train. Can’t do that when driving the back roads to Connecticut.

Anyway, I am kind of nervous to practice up to Oosh tomorrow. I know that I am going to have to keep my heels together in Setu B, and my entire foot together all through Parsva D. And that takes a LOT of effort. Then to do a pose that I have only done once before in a Mysore room….I don’t want to hear, “Is that how Val told you to do it?” from across the room.

Except that I kind of….DO!



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