pada bhanda

Who knew? I mean that seriously. Who knew that you were supposed to press your entire foot together in Parsva Dhanurasana, and KEEP them pressed together throughout all three “holds” and every transition. A show of hands please?

It is the little things like having that info called out to me across the room that made practicing with Christopher so, well, for lack of a better word, awesome. My friend and former shala mate, K, was there, and she gave me some great assists, one of which CH had not authorized…oops. But twas all good. CH has a certain kindness in his eyes, even as he is telling you that if you do this yoga, you can’t be normal. I like that kindness. I like feeling like someone gets it.

I love Val, and I will continue to practice with her, but I plan to add a day or two each week with Christopher. I need the yang along with the yin. And to think, if it’s really all because I had a problem with my nose. The nose led me to Dr. G, who was led (I believe, via David K) to my friend, S, who called me to discuss my experiences with Dr. G, who became her doctor, and with whom I have been following her recovery, in the midst of which she encouraged me to get my lame ass back to CH’s Mysore Room, and so I did.

Funny how a little think like a deviated septum can bring people together.

You might say that I am on a yoga high right about now…



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