Come practice with me in NYC!

In a rare public appearance, I will be teaching a vinyasa class at Yoga Sutra on Sunday morning….and I am actually very excited….I think the edges of winter are finally receding for me, and I am finally coming out of my Northern Westchester hiding hole.

I’m also teaching a six-week series in Armonk called “Power Yoga….got abs?” It will be starting April 15,for any Westchester-ites who long for a taste of what Ashtanga’s got. I am not referring to it as Ashtanga because so fewpeople here would even know what that means. And if I have a class of beginners, we will certainly go slowly enough such that we won’t get much past Mari C. But we shall see….

So….it would be great to see any of you at class on Sunday, 11 am!



2 Responses to Come practice with me in NYC!

  1. DebPC says:

    Oooh. Sounds fun. The commute is kind of long, though.

  2. alfia says:

    Hi, Lauren:

    No NYC for me, unfortunately.

    Did you watch the last Lost? What did you think? I kind of liked it. I thought that if I were Michael I would probably try to off myself, because he was in a such awful place in his life. And he tried. It redeemed him a little in my eyes.

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