No Whine Before It’s Time

You know that next pose I’ve been grumpily waiting for as of late? You know, Parsva Dhanurasana? The one where you lie on your belly, grab your ankles, turn yourself into an upside-down parachute (as my kids say) and then tip over onto your side? Yeah, well, I got it today.

See? I know when I am due a new pose. I get all irritated that I don’t have it yet. That’s when I know it’s time. I seriously have never gotten that way when I am deep in the midst of learning how to do a pose. Like, for the entire 15 months I was stuck in Supta Kurmasana, all you ever heard from me about it was, “When am I going to ever bind in this pose?” You never heard, “When am I going to get Garba Pindasana?” Until I bound in Supta K reliably.

That’s when the whining commenced.

I assume I will be whining very soon about Ustrasana and Laghu Vaj because Parsva D was like cake for me. I’ve been doing it for a long time – Greg taught it to me last summer.

Anyway, that’s all for now.

Later, I’ll be talking about how (if I have the cojones), I am going to start teaching again. Here. in Westchester. On Banksville Road, in Armonk…..(Not my house, no! As I said, I don’t even live in Armonk, even though I park like I do)…



2 Responses to No Whine Before It’s Time

  1. A says:

    Fantastic blog. Love your humor about yoga and this crazy little path… you keep it real.

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