Kapotasana today

I’m hoping that if I can get this far myself, without much of a warm-up (I just felt like backbending today…bizarre) and without ever having had any help in Kapotasana at all, then I am probably not going to struggle to to mightily to touch my toes one day. Yeah, I know, soon enough it’s not enough to touch the toes, and then there is the lure of the heels, then maybe the ankles. But for me, I’ll take the toes. Just the toes. I can touch my toes right now on one hand, but that is not very good alignment, now, is it?

So, here was me dropping back…

then climbing down…

then not being able to get fingers to toes…yet…

then Kapo B.

I am definitely starting to get paranoid about not getting any new poses because I feel ready to work on Kapotasana. But I haven’t even gotten Parsva Dhanurasana, which I can totally do. Same with the next two, Ustrasana and Laghu Vajrasana. I’m starting to get distressed about it.
Well, I can still do it at home, which I plan to do tomorrow. My practice, plus second up to Supta Vajrasana. Or maybe up to Bakasana B if I feel like I can let the back simmer down again before doing Urdhva Dhanurasana. Hopefully it will be a sunny day so I can do my self-assisted dropbacks a la Iyengar wall on my back porch.

Oh, and here was me just a few weeks ago:

I should also mention for record-keeping sake that this week, I started laying on top of those Miracle Ball thingies, which has helped loosen up my back immensely.



2 Responses to Kapotasana today

  1. Laurie says:

    Try lying back in supta virasana and coming up from there. It’s made all of the difference for me, I can totally get my elbows down easier.

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