Hi Aaron

Spoiler alert to all you non-US residents.

I used to blog about Lost, mainly because doing so helped me make sense of what I was seeing. This season, I haven’t been feeling it, however. Confused, that is. Somehow, the storyline has been going down rather easily, perhaps because I’ve been using “closed captioning” and also have been able to stop and rewind on my DVR when something confuses me, thus resolving any confusion right then and there. As a result, I’ve been able to watch and then set it aside until the next week.

Until this past week, that is.

This past week, I watched from Colorado, without benefit of closed captioning or my handy dandy DVR. And the ending left me rattled. The entire time, I was expecting Kate’s son to be Sawyer’s. I guess that makes me naive. But whatever. At the end, when the little towhead says, “Hi MUMMY” and Kate takes him in her arms and says, “Hi […………..] AARON”, I was too knocked-over to really absorb it. I really hadn’t been expecting that. Again, call me naive. But whatever.

When I came home from vacation and finally rewatched the episode last night, I knew what to look for, and when the final line came, I was anticipating it and was thus able to absorb its full impact.

“Hi Aaron”!

This is the baby she’s been passing off as her SON? Claire’s baby? Turniphead? Putting aside the daytime television-esque-ness of it all, this moment was dripping with creepiness, as if Kate had suddenly turned into Rebecca DeMornay in “The Hand That Rocks The Cradle”.

I seriously had a sick feeling in my stomach from it. Literally. I woke up sick this morning. Still went to yoga, as noted earlier, but I did feel nauseated.

Honestly, I probably can’t blame my funky tummy this morning on Lost, considering Adam had a minor stomach bug yesterday, but whatever. I’m still creeped out and anxious to see where that story goes.



11 Responses to Hi Aaron

  1. Yogamum says:

    I know what you mean! It bugged me too. I sort of hope Claire decided to stay on the island but begged Kate to take her baby (best case scenario) or maybe Claire is dead and Kate “saved” him (medium case scenario), rather than Kate stole Aaron (worst case scenario). Also — what is up with the time factor? Because Kate would have had to been 9 months pregnant when she crashed to credibly claim to have given birth to a baby that age… or she lied about his age upon coming back, which isn’t that easy with a toddler. And then there was that rocket thing they sent from the ship that arrived 30 minutes later than it was supposed to.

    Oh, you got me going!

  2. Yoga Chickie says:

    For some reason, I let the time travel stuff kind of just whiz by me. I don’t engage in the whole mind f-ck that goes on with regard to that. I didn’t when I saw Donnie Darko either (I highly recommend it to anyone who loves Lost). I just focus on the stuff I can get my mind around. And I can totally get my mind around the horror that is Kate and Aaron!

  3. alfia says:

    It made me sick, too! I like Claire, and I think there is no way she would willingly part from Aaron. So – the bad case scenarios. Also, what was that crazy story Jack told on the trial about Kate saving people? She did not want him to testify, which means it was not a story they cooked up together. So crazy…

  4. Yoga Chickie says:

    I kind of thought she didn’t want him to testify because she was afraid that he would tell the TRUTH on the stand. Is that what you mean?

    On the other hand, Kate is a mixture of good and bad, and maybe she didn’t want to involve Jack in her continuing life of crime? And by continuing, I mean, stealing of a baby? Oh my! Think of this: she wants Jack to accept Aaron as Kate’s, when he knows damn well that Aaron is NOT Kate’s. Maybe THAT is why he won’t see the baby? Or am I just stating the obvious?

    On another note, now, come to think of it, I would really like very much to know how it is that Sayid got wrapped up in Ben’s business post-island. Clearly, it was not his choice, and he got roped into it somehow. When do we find out? WHEN?

  5. alfia says:

    If Jack told the truth on the stand it would not sound too bad, cause Kate’s behavior on the island was good. At least what we know of.
    Sayd’s story is more crazy stuff. So ugly. It pains me. 😦

  6. Yoga Chickie says:

    Yeah, true, the story of Kate on the island is largely a “good” character thing. BUT…it is not the story that they have been telling everyone about the Oceanic 6 (8) all along, and I am guessing that she was afraid that he would not be able to lie on the stand, and their whole house of cards would come tumbling down. That’s why she said, “It’s MY trial” (as in, not his, as in, don’t put HIM on trial)…but this is not the good stuff of the show. This is the boring stuff that we already know. I want to know what the hell happened to Claire, to Sayid, to SAWYER, that HAWTIE!!! I lurv him!

  7. alfia says:

    I like Sayid better; Sawyer is a little too red-necky for my taste.

  8. Yoga Chickie says:

    Sawyer is so gorgeous though, it almost brings tears to my eyes. Sayid, eh, not so much. And I really hated him with Shannon. That was kind of sickening. She was a sickening person, so why did he fall for her? Made me like him a bit less from the First Season on.

    Damn, but do I wish I could have my very own Sawyer calling me Freckles….

  9. alfia says:

    Hmm, I do remember Shannon now. Gosh, that was a dingbag of the century! But you see, an island with not too many females available… I forgave Sayid in the end. 😀

  10. skelly says:

    I would say that Claire is dead and that Jack somehow feels responsible hence he does not wish to see the child. The story seems to be to protect the other people left/chose to stay behind as people are still after them (Hurley in Psyc ward being asked if they are alive)

  11. alfia says:

    I would hate it if Claire was dead! I hope there is another explanation. I would even go with “Kate stole Aaron” scenario.

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