My souvenier

Note the lovely color of the giant mega-bruise, where my ski slammed down when I tumbled. As Bebe notes in her comment, my leg is quite swollen. This is not a pretty picture. Perhaps I would go so far to say, NSFW. Or NSFA.



13 Responses to My souvenier

  1. BeBe says:

    What’s with the fat leg? Your leg doesn’t look like that.

  2. Yoga Chickie says:

    Leg is terribly swollen! Even so, I am at my normal weight, so I must have lost bit out West. I assume that the swelling will come down when the bruising dissipates…

  3. DebPC says:

    Eeew. That’s nasty.

    But you don’t have to brag about losing weight. I was just in potato land (aka Central and Eastern Europe) and feel like I have turned into some sort of potato myself. Ugh. I know that what you gain in a week you can lose in not much more, but I think that’s on top of what I’ve gained in grad school. All adds up to yuck.

  4. Yoga Chickie says:

    Let it hereby be known that DebPC is one of the tiniest people I have ever known. SERIOUSLY.

    So please!! I have never known you to be anything but tiny! Do some yoga, and I promise you will feel different about your body. Try it!!

    Just say no to dysmorphia!

  5. DebPC says:

    Readers, don’t let my cousin fool you. Being short is not the same as being thin. Your host, YC, is very thin, menopause be damned.

    This author is going on a diet.

  6. DebPC says:

    BTW, I am still practicing 2-3 times a week. Your comment is so funny, because my whole dissertation is about doing yoga to help with body image. Do you think you can only get so far? Or maybe it’s that I am not ready to give up certain “comfortable” elements of self-destructive thought and behavior patterns.

  7. kayla says:

    OUCH. I got a wierd prickly feeling on the back of my neck when I saw that picture.

  8. Yoga Chickie says:

    Deb, I don’t know…you’re the shrink! Seriously, maybe it is that you are very close to your work, so it is difficult to get the benefits from the yoga now that you would otherwise expect to get (I am talking mental, not physical benefits). Like, when I taught yoga for breast cancer survivors, it was something I was giving emotionally, not something from which I was benefiting, exactly (not that I didn’t enjoy it).

    Maybe you are just in that “mid race blues” place?

    kayla…it doesn’t hurt at all anymore…

  9. Carl says:

    Bruises are certainly better than lacerations or the deep incisions that steel-edged skis can make! Acupuncture works nicely for reducing the ache, swelling and discoloration.

  10. Yoga Chickie says:

    A laceration! I know. A friend of mine almost had her legs amputated at the knees from a pair of skis. I wonder if she is reading this…I know she used to.

  11. alfia says:

    God, this is terrible! Exactly why I do not do skiing…
    I hope you feel better soon!

  12. Wayne says:

    Yowch – best wishes for a speedy healing!

  13. Ursula says:

    That’s exactly why I don’t like skiing. No more words must be said.

    Be well soon. Ursula

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