Things to do in Denver when you’re delayed

Ah, air travel.

I had a feeling – doesn’t take a psychic – that we would get delayed somewhere along the line on our way home. Sure enough…

i brought my really skinny tapas mat with me, and unrolled it at the gate. Too self-conscious to do sun sals or vinyasas, i did manage to plow through half primary. It felt pretty good too.

The husband was embarassed. Can’t say I blame him. He was like, “You are going to know someone here. We always know someone here.” But the need to bend is a force of nature, and there’s no point in trying to fight it.

When I saw an acquaintance from my town, I got embarassed too. But I was already done with Mari D, so whatever.

Later on, a harried woman travelling alone with her two toddlers came up to me and said, “I wish i brought my yoga mat too.”

Hopefully we will get moving soon enough so that I can get back to the shala tomorrow morning. And maybe the Tenth Street Baths later….



One Response to Things to do in Denver when you’re delayed

  1. alfia says:

    Now, doing yoga at the airport – that takes courage. My respect!

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