Ski Cam!! Part Deux!

Today, it snowed. And snowed. And, well you get the point. Pretty much, the only hope of having any visibility at all was to ski between trees. The video above is the husband and Bri (and me, holding the camera) skiing down to a glades run. I don’t remember ever skiing in this much snow.

Later on, I will post a photo of the giant bruise on my leg from when I fell a couple of days ago. It takes up nearly half of the left side of my right calf. But here’s the thing: if it weren’t for the yoga, I might have a broken leg. Because my body bends fairly readily, I can tumble pretty gracefully when I fall. So, even though I end up kicking myself in the leg with one my of skis, I bend, but I don’t break.

And I can say that now without jinxing myself because after seven days of skiing, it is time to come home.



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