Jewish American Gothic

Don’t let this mini-post cause you to neglect to read the immediately preceding post, which has much more juicy stuff in it about, among other things, skiing extreme terrain, being humbled by extreme terrain, not appreciating being humbled by extreme terrain, especially when said terrain is marked as intermediate terrain, and general monkey-minded rantings of a woman whose existing vata imbalance is being seriously compromised by the thin oyxgen up here at 12 thousand feet above see level.

Got oxygen?



One Response to Jewish American Gothic

  1. alfia says:

    You, guys, look terrific!
    I personally am not a huge fan of skiing, since I value the integrity of my body parts too much. Yet I respect people who CAN ski! You seem to have a lot of fun out there.

    Since you disagreed with me on the topic of vatas and kaphas, I suggest a compromise. Lets say that Pittas are yoga naturals? 😀

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