I don’t care much that someone out there hates me enough to write a hateful blog that mocks me. I don’t care because it’s just one person. Maybe a lot of people hate me, but that is to be expected. Not everyone can like me, and a lot of people read this blog. So do the math.

I do find it amusing that someone who says such hateful things about me could call me hateful. I guess that’s why Boring Chickie is anonymous. But we all do know who it is, don’t we? I mean, look who isn’t commenting on this blog anymore.

Anyway, pratice is chugging along, nothing new to report. Just working hard on staying focused on backbending, not phoning in the backbends. Leaving for Colorado in two days. Looking forward to the break from the everyday practice. Looking forward to being athletic all day long. Looking forward to hanging with the family and our friends.

That’s all.



3 Responses to Whatever

  1. BeBe says:

    I think you are ambivalent.

    Certain people, who shall remain nameless, have to act out with their pre-adolescent toys, scatalogical blather, and anonymous name-calling. Sounds like high school.

    The anonymous loser is jealous of you. Take it as a compliment.

    If it is a real threat, you will be able to track this person down and she/he might end up talking to the feds in a confined location.

    Nothing is anonymous today.

  2. alfia says:

    I think BC’s blog is very mean-spirited and not funny at all. Do not let it get to you!

  3. BeBe says:

    The cowardly BC went private – as predicted. Showing her true stripes. Very pathetic loser.

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