Change of mind

So, we got rid of the mod and went with a simple, less jarring pattern of blocks that coordinate with the cranberry felted wool shag in the tv/fireplace area in the rear of the room. The screen behind the club chairs is mirrored, if you can’t tell, and it is intended to pick up the colors of the back yard and also reminds me of the french doors that we (sadly) decided we needed to get rid of, that used to hang in that rear passage you can see in the photo, which leads from family room to formal living room.

Home today, with sick child, wishing I could have gotten to the shala. Glad I went yesterday though, and I am reminded that I need to get there whenever I can because I’ll never know when I won’t be able to, even when I want to do so.



2 Responses to Change of mind

  1. samasthiti says:

    Why do you insist on placing furniture against the wall?
    Have you ever looked at a home decoration magazine?

  2. Yoga Chickie says:

    There really is no other place to put it. It is a narrow space that serves as a transition to another space. We wanted to have seating there to look out at the back yard, so this is the way it has to be. Believe me, we struggled with it.

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