Feeling all full of gratitude over my practice. How lucky I am to have had a wonderful practice today. It makes me feel light and powerful for the rest of the day. I feel like I’m floating through my activities today, and there are many. The yoga has left me well prepared for a busy day.

Oni got me very deep into Supta K today, and then readjusted me again after about five breaths and got me even deeper. One day, my ankles WILL stay behind my neck and not touch the floor. Not sure when. But someday. And someday I will not have to do so much prep for Urdha Dhanurasana. Someday. Not any time soon. But someday.

I do curse backbends still, on and off. Today was an on day with regard to swearing during UD. But all is forgotten after about five minutes in headstand. Thank you Kino for the suggestion. I cannot believe that 15 minutes with the woman has changed my practice so very much.



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