Primary in the morning, Second in the afternoon.

Yep, I did it. Went to led Primary at the CT Shala this morning. Then I came home, rested for a bit and did all of Second.

My fingers are about two inches from my toes in Kapotasana. I wonder if that is close enough such that an adjustment would get me the rest of the way. Well, I probably won’t find out for a loooooong time. Anyway. Also, I won’t even attempt Karandavasana without being taught it (the same was true for Pasasana, at least right up until about a week before I was taught it by Val) because there doesn’t seem to be much point. Instead, I do it with my head on the floor. Other than those two, I am amazed at how much easier Second Series is than Primary. Sure, the leg-behind-head poses are challenging. But they are within reach, whereas when I went to my first Led Primary class, I was shocked that ANYONE could do Mari C or D since I was fairly sure that I would NEVER be able to do so. And then it was several years before I was actually able to do so. And let’s not forget Supta Kurmasana. Shudder.

Although it was really fun to practice like it was 1975 (in Mysore), don’t know if I would do it again any time soon. It just seemed like a lot of time to be spending on the mat. Plus, I need the Swenson Practice Manual beside me once I get to Mayurasana, which breaks up my flow. But I have to say that it’s kind of fun to practice poses I don’t often get to practice. And Second, itself, offers much of what Primary offers, although less in the way of deep twists and more in the way of leg-behind-head. And of course, all that backbending. And inverting. I guess what I am saying is that in practicing all of Second, I don’t yearn for Supta Kurmasana because I have all the leg-behind-head poses. And I don’t yearn for Mari D because I have Pasasana.

And man, this is so boring. I can’t bear to type any more of this.

So, yeah, I practice twice today. Primary in the a.m., Second in the p.m. I hesitated to reveal this dark secret because I know exactly who it is going to piss off. But whatever.



2 Responses to Primary in the morning, Second in the afternoon.

  1. Globetrotters says:

    I wish I could find the energy, not to mention the time to practice twice in a day. I know what you mean about yearning for poses, but this comes in phases. I have given up on Mari D lately cos my knees wont play ball, but the micro successes I’m having with handstands and backbends mean I am still enjoying my practice and not feeling quite as disappointed that Mari D is out of reach just now.

  2. Yoga Chickie says:

    It’s a rare thing, Globie.

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