Carl, it was fun beating you up

on that other blog. The blog that shall not be named, which shall most certainly not be named on this blog, although I am sure that the authoress of said blog that shall not be named shall turn up soon enough to leave a comment that will link back to said blog that shall not be named.

What I really liked about beating you up on that other blog was that once again, I got to be a Barbie doll, which is the realization of my truest wish in the world. Being an ass-kicking Barbie is merely the icing on the pink-frosted cupcake. And being an ass-kicking Barbie with a Kundalini headband is, like, oh-my-god, the rainbow jimmies on the pink-frosted cupcake.

Now, enough about you. Let’s talk about me.

I had the most kick-assiest practice ever today. Alas, I was alone in my house, so the question remains, if I had the most kick-assiest practice ever and no one was there to see it, did I really have it? Here’s how it went down. I had an hour, and I decided to just do whatever I could do in an hour. And what could I do in an hour? Why, my entire practice through backbends, including dropbacks, that’s what.

Of course, I could only afford three breaths in each posture other than Parivritta Parsvakona, the Marichyasanas, the Kurmasanas and Pasasana, all of which I allowed myself five whole breaths. In, out, done. No waiting in downdog. No dropping to onto my belly and waving my shins around to open up my sacrum. IT’S ALL CRAP. None of it is necessary. Not today, at least.

OK, time to go. Must neti and then off to the prom.



5 Responses to Carl, it was fun beating you up

  1. skelly says:

    Where did that “blogwar” post go that downloaded itself onto my google reader thing. Hummmm would it be mean to re-post it ???Am I mean? so many questions? Could I be just a bit spiteful on account that YC has the luxury of going back to bed when tired to allow practice later in the day whilst I have a 3 year old bouncing on my head most days? Do I believe in punctuation? Nah not much, not unless I am being marked on it

  2. Carl says:

    Yeah, I’m sure you like being Barbie. It sucks being Ken though. I’m pretty sure Ken is one of those Bikram pansies. G.I. Joe is totally ashtanga and that’s the sort of action figure she should use to represent me. Thanks for reminding me that I need to discuss this incogruity with Laksmi.

  3. Yoga Chickie says:

    S – I had three year old’s once. My kids didn’t just sprout up at ages 8 and 10. I had to go through the bouncing on my head stuff too. It’s just that now my kids are older. Time does pass…enjoy them while they still want to be bouncing on your head!

  4. Yoga Chickie says:

    And Carl – I’m a barbie girl, in a barbie world…lalalalalalala…

  5. skelly says:

    I know hon, Im just exhausted and jealous and get really really grumpy if I cant practice !

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