Life is good

What is there to say when life is good? My practice seems to be chugging along, little things happening, subtle things as well as bigger things, all things that I could not have imagined previously. Yesterday, we had people over for the Superbowl, and since there were kids there, of course we got into a whole tumbling thing, and at one point, one of the kids did a sort of “flipped dog” into Urdhva Dhanurasana, and I flipped my dog, in turn, and then suddenly, I found myself in UD. I have never done that before, never thought it was possible. It’s not a big thing. But it’s nice.

My spine cracks so much more readily now. I little twist here, and crack. A little bend there, and crack. To me, this is good. A sign of increased suppleness. I love the cracking. Without it, I feel stuck. And my spine has felt stuck for a long time. It’s slowly unsticking, I think.

Last night was deliciously fun. Good food, good drinks, good friends. And the sweetest part was when the six kids that were over, including mine, went outside at halftime, the stadium lights in my backyard blaring, and played an impromptu game of football. This could never have happened in the city. This is what living here is about…



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