Making cents

I’ve gotten some inquiries about why I’ve added ads to my blog.

The simple answer is that the ads are a win-win situation, not just for me, but for anyone who meanders around these blogs.

Here’s how it works, in three easy steps:

1. I fill the sidebar of this blog with ads for products and services relating to topics that I think will interest you (yoga, fitness, blogging, getting your writing published, recipes, personality-probing quizzes, etc.).

2. You take a second to click on an ad, maybe get a laugh, maybe get a small tidbit of information about something that interests you.

3. I make a few cents. Literally. Like two cents for each click.

It seems fair to me, especially when you consider that it takes me up to an hour, or sometimes longer, to produce an enjoyable read for you, and I do it on a nearly daily basis without payment of any kind.

So, if you enjoy what you read here at YC, then it would be sosososososo wonderful if you could take a second or two to click on one of the links listed on my side bar. I promise I won’t spend the two cents in one place.




18 Responses to Making cents

  1. Carl says:

    I’m happy to click links so you can buy food to feed your family. None of them interest me though.

  2. Yoga Chickie says:

    Where’s your curiosity?!

  3. samasthiti says:

    Yeah, I’d rather send you some change if you really need it. Do you need a couple of bucks?

  4. laksmi says:

    you’ve violated your agreement with google by instructing people to click. i’m going to report you, and everyone is going to go to MY BLOG and click on MY ads because they’re better and I live in a smaller house and have a smaller car than you, so there. :p

  5. Caroline says:

    Well, suppose that’s understandable, but now I need sunglasses when I’m here for all that neon yellow.

  6. eeyore says:

    just because you’re addicted to bassetopium, i’m clicking.

  7. eeyore says:

    did you know i’m a “super-goth” according to, i think, your christian singles dating ad?

  8. myst says:

    aha, thank you, eeyore, for helping me understand the wisdom in all of this.

  9. laksmi says:

    eeyore, i think you should click on my blog ads for shure. sheesh!

  10. eeyore says:

    ok lax, here i come!

  11. Yoga Chickie says:

    Laksmi, you apparently didn’t read the YC Rules Of Service: No more than one “Go to MY BLOG” comments per 36 hour period. If you want ad clicks, you should just say so. I thought your M.O. was to get lotso hits. I didn’t realize that your ultimate goal was to make ad money. Don’t be so indirect! Speak up!

  12. Yoga Chickie says:

    And Samasthithi, if you could please send me a few thousand bucks, that would be great. I need to warm up my family room a bit, and this crap doesn’t pay for itself you know.

  13. Yoga Chickie says:


  14. laksmi says:


  15. Caroline says:

    I there is 1 add that’s actually worth clicking, it’s the anti chair on squirrel’s blog. The only thing is that it’s probably $5000 or something like that. (sorry yc, but you really do need to find better ads.)

  16. Yoga Chickie says:

    Just a reminder: those who have blogs on which I am not an invited participant do not get to comment here…KATIE.

  17. ashtangi says:

    they are doing you a favor YC by not allowing you to comment. Just as you think you are doing me, by deleting mine. Your world is so sad.I’m really glad you have yoga.

  18. DD says:

    your world is pathetic, ashtangi. weren’t you the one that was kicked out of Guy’s studio, and then you made fun of people who can’t do Marichyasana D, and was told to shut the blog down? thank god you have yoga.

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