A moment of peace

Despite the waning full moon hanging low and huge in the winter sky, there is nothing but darkness everywhere my eyes can see outside the windows of my house. Not a street light, not a neighbor reading in a window, not a car shining highbeams down the winding country road. Inside here, everyone is asleep except for me, even my dog, who might otherwise be outside howling at the moon or his reflection in the pond or nothing at all.

I’m lying on the sofa in my living room – the formal front sitting room, not the giant cavernous space with the big-ass flatscreen tv holding the decor together. I’m stuck here for a while because I lit a fire a couple of hours ago here, and for some reason it’s still burning, notwithstanding that I have done nothing to help it along, havent even thrown another log on. This makes me wonder if the fireplace in the family room needs a little chimney check-up, seeing as I cant seem to keep a fire going there for more than a few minutes without having to tend to it, poking here and there, squeezing the bellows to feed it some oxygen.

Anyway, the only sound is the crackling in the fireplace and the tip tapping of my blackberry’s qwerty. The only light is from the fire and the lamp beside me. It’s as if i’m alone in a pod, floating in space. An elegantly appointed pod, yes, but a pod nevertheless.

I’m feeling good this evening. Had a wonderful practice today, even sat for a few mintutes before taking rest (and I won’t lie to you: Kundalini stayed right where it always is, at the base of my achey spine. Maybe some other time, like when I’m playing for the Hell Hockey Team, i will experience Kundalini rising…). Tomorrow is Led Primary, and can I jusy say YAY? My practice – all of Primary up to Dhanurasana – is starting to wear on me. I wouldnt want to shorten it, like many others at my shala. I feel as if they are missing the gestalt of Primary, as well as an opportunity to practice poses that they have not yet mastered, despite moving well past said poses. I mean, how is eka pada ever going to happen if you blow off supta kurmasana every day? That is just one example.

I hope that by the time im told to split my practice that i feel ready to do so.

But oh, yeah, stay present! Right now, it’s tiring to do a practice that is twice as long as the practice i was doing a year ago. But i wouldn’t change it for the world.



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