It’s Bikram weather here

The mercury reads a mere 14 degrees Farenheit, and with the wind chill, it’s negative three. Not a good day for much of anything but sitting by the fire, cooking up some cous cous with dried fruit and apricots and a side of General Tsao’s brussels sprouts. And Bikram.

Yep, I did the Bikram thing today. Drove north 25 minutes to Bikram Yoga Yorktown, plunked down my twenty bucks and bought myself the right to sweat for 90 minutes. I stayed on track the whole time, not veering into any Bikram Criminal behavior. Even with the heat, in this frigid climate, I was still stiffer than usual, and I only sweat about half as much as usual. Afterward, I still felt like being there in the warmth, especially because after class, they turned on some Drala, which I like despite Drala’s ties with Cyndi “Downward Daaawg” Lee. So, I did 10 Sun Salutations and my three seated poses. So, technically, I didn’t miss an Ashtanga practice today. Not that it matters. I’m just saying.

Off to the greater whiter north now for some skiing…



3 Responses to It’s Bikram weather here

  1. StevenCX says:

    $20?? So that’s where Bikram gets all his bling!

  2. says:

    very interesting information…I found a website with more info about bikram yoga in detail…go to to check it out….There is alot about other yogas as well.

  3. DebPC says:

    Hey YC– you have an ad for online Christian dating!
    Wazzup with that?

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