That World Yoga Month Thing

I was curious about all the people who wrote about signing on for this because I had been under the impression that everyone whose blog I read practices every day.

I mean, I do.

If I’m lucky, it’s a nice, normal day, and I wake up and go to the shala and do my practice the way it was taught and the way David Williams says the pieces fit together like a combination lock. If it’s a day like today, when my body feels kind of beaten up, and after seeing the kids off to school, I crawl back into bed until noon, I still practice. I’ll just do it after I digest my breakfast, wheatberries and almond milk sweetened with turbinado sugar, a breakfast I chose because it will not only nourish me in a saatvic way but also because it will digest easily, promoting my practice. If I go skiing, I still do yoga at some point that day, not necessarily my entire practice. But yoga nevertheless. If I have family obligations that span the day and evening and make practice seemingly impossible, I’ll still do something. Or I trade a Saturday-Off-Day for that day. Or I’ll practice on a Moon Day if I need to make up for a day when practice just wasn’t feasible (or so I thought until I heard about the “Just 10 Minutes” rule).

So, WoYoMo thing just didn’t seem like a big deal to me, personally.

Then I got a taste of it on New Year’s Day, when the Husband and I slept out and then had to pick up our kids in two different counties and then spent the day with friends in Long Island and didn’t get home until after dinnertime. I wanted to do yoga. But there was no time for a full practice. And so, I did the 10 Minutes Of Practice, which turned into 30. I did 10 Sun Salutations and then some yin stretches.

Today, I still have yet to practice. But I am sure that I will. I’ve set it up that way. And I want to. And part of it is that I want to meet the “Do Yoga Every Day” challenge.

So, I get it. Now, I get it.



2 Responses to That World Yoga Month Thing

  1. Yogamum says:

    I can only speak for myself, but I set up WoYo because I *don’t* practice every day. I get into that mindset of “if I don’t have time to do full primary I won’t do anything.” Committing to 10 minutes a day (at least) has been really helpful for me in realizing that *any* practice is good.

    And there are tons of newbies over there who don’t do ashtanga, are just learning about yoga in general, etc. It’s an interesting crowd.

  2. skelly says:

    I agree yogamum I get into exactly the same mindset, plus yogachickie you have time to crawl back into bed to noon??? maybe thats difference if I wake up exhausted I stay exhausted through the whole day no extra lie ins, must be nice though 🙂

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