I had this dream

in which someone told me to stop fretting about my backbends, that they are really, actually, quite good, quite flexible, quite strong. I am not sure that this was a dream, but I can’t remember anyone actually telling me these things. I think it was my subconscious doing me a solid. Telling me to stop berating myself. Many 42 year olds would be pleased as punch to be able to do a wheel that looks like mine. Somehow, I have gone and turned something wonderful into something bad for my self esteem. My subconscious is smart enough to know that, which is cool. Thanks, me. You done good.

Now, y’all go back to alternately tearing me a new asshole for my hypocracy in driving an SUV whilst complaining about people who run their SUVs when they’re not even in them (because those two things are almost the same thing, right, driving a car, versus wasting the car’s gas; same thing, yeah, that’s it) and loving my “modest” talent for satire/burlesque/whatever, which some would say that I employ when backed into a corner, but which some others would say I employ as a means of getting my point of view across. I wouldn’t be the first one to do that. See: The Onion, South Park. No, I don’t get paid what they do to drive a point home. But I love, love, love it while I’m doing it. So, I do it anyway.

And as an aside, I welcome all comments except those from anonymous commentators and except those from would-be commentators who won’t allow me to write on, or for that matter, even access, their blogs. The latter group? Off with your quill. No soup for you.



4 Responses to I had this dream

  1. samasthiti says:

    You must have a lot of new assholes by now….must be hard to wipe.

    That was me employing sarcasm.

  2. skelly says:

    Your subconscious speaks a lot of sense, you should maybe listen to it a lot more often

  3. health watch center says:

    Hi YC

    New here…jus wanna say hi, I liked your interesting yoga life and your posts.

    Well I am including some info about Karma Yoga, hope it gonna helpful for your readers 🙂 from ma pages..

    “Living only for others and thinking about what others expect of you is the way to bad karma and an unhappy life. You need to live for yourself. You won’t be happy by doing what others expect of you or want you to do. Most of you in this world convince yourself that you are happy when you are not. Karma yoga can cure you of this inner happiness.”

  4. laksmi says:

    wow, a Karma WANKER! I want one!

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