Pasasana road kill

I got dropped during a Pasasana assist today. It all happened so quickly, I didn’t have time to unbind my hands. Hence, I face planted.

Since it was the first side, I landed on the left side of my jaw. Not my nose, thank goodness. For a moment or two I just stayed balled up on the ground, freaked out, angry, scared. Until I realized that just because I saw stars did not mean that I had suffered a concussion. Then I freed a hand and, touching my face, I realized that nothing was broken. Least of all my nose, thank GOD, as I am now quite happy with my nose, both the aesthetics and its functionality – I can breathe quite deeply through my nostrils now, something I had only heard about before.

Val brought me a towel filled with snow. And Oni re-Pasasana-ed me when I was ready. And the rest of my practice, like all that came before it, was fine.



4 Responses to Pasasana road kill

  1. The Mindbender says:

    Did you fall back then?

  2. The Mindbender says:

    I asked above because usually, Pasasana is done turning to the left. But it wasn’t always the case, I know of some teachers (most famously David Swenson) that learnt it twisting to the right first.

  3. lgr says:

    Hey, be careful with that nose! Must of been scary. I think yoga is dangerous.

  4. sony says:

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