I’m annoying. And so can you.

I swear I did not plan for the poll to end right smack on my birthday, but wow, what a delightful gift it is to see that I, Yoga Chickie, am slightly more annoying than YOU!

So, here’s how it boils down:

Out of 49 votes on the question of “Am I annoying?”, 32 were for “yes” and 17 were for “no”. That translates into 65 percent finding me annoying and 17 percent, not.

Out of 40 votes on the question of “Are you annoying”, 22 were for “yes” and 18 were for “no”. So, 55 percent of you find yourselves annoying, and a whopping 45 percnt do not find yourselves annoying.

Of course, the two polls were separate, and there were more voters in the poll regarding whether I am annoying, nearly 20 percent more, in fact, or so my numbers cruncher (Brian) tells me. And if you factor in the number of times Laksmi voted, well, now that I think about it, it doesn’t really matter because multiple votes by Laksmi were likely cast equally in favor of me being annoying and herself being annoying.

I think it is relevant that in both polls, the votes were in favor of being annoying. One might surmise simply that when faced with the question of whether someone, anyone, is annoying, one will be inclined to vote in favor. Or rather disfavor.

In any case, thanks for voting. It’s your right, you know.



4 Responses to I’m annoying. And so can you.

  1. laksmi says:

    oh, MAN! You mean you could track my vote? I’m not playing again. 😦

  2. myst says:

    ah, too bad i didn’t vote (in either category)- i would have voted for myself as annoying and you as not annoying! realizing that i wish i could skim over my own mind sometimes like i can choose to skim over someone else’s blog. and i’m really surprised that a poll is making me think this hard! gah.

  3. Yoga Chickie says:

    One would think that one could rationalize away one’s own annoyingness, in effect “skimming” over it. But maybe not so much?

  4. Carl says:

    Some of us are too objective to rationalize our annoyingness away. And, too, some of us try to annoy.

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