Snow in December

Such a novel idea these days. And yet. So nice to be able to open my front door to a fluffy white playground for my kids.

Last night was a Martini Tasting at the Place of Worship. Much fun was had, and I commend the caterer for pouring very watered down drinks in very tiny portions. Well done. Seriously. I mean, how else would a bunch of relative non-drinkers (let’s face it; my peeps are eaters, not drinkers, not that every single one of us fits the stereotype, but still, it’s a fairly accurate assesment for many) be able to taste more than 10 different types of Martinis in one evening without falling over? My favorite, inexplicably, was the blueberry. I don’t even like blueberries.

Thank you, caterer, for a non-hangover day. Practice was as usual. Actually, a bit better than usual because I started with this lovely backbending prep.

I’m starting to really need the pre-practice warmup. I think it’s the cold. Someone asked me about practicing in a relatiely cold room (at home). I set the thermostat to 75 while practicing, and I barely break a sweat. It’s not ideal. But it’s worth it come summer, when it feels like I’m melting, but in a good way.



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