Just call it, Friendo

Last night I had an odd dream, a dream so real that when I remembered it midafternoon today, I was sure that it hadn’t been a dream at all, except for its oddness, which is what led me to search YouTube for a video that might have been tagged with the terms, “No Country For Old Men Bardem Satire” which terms led to nothing at all. Thus, I am left to wonder why it is, and what it meant, that I dreamt that I was watching a video of a comedian, shot in black and sitting at a desk, like a news desk, recapping the entire plot of the Coen brothers’ No Country For Old Men by pantomiming Javier Bardem’s entire plotline using just his hands: hands strangling, hands shooting a cattle gun, hands on steering wheel driving, hands shooting, hands driving, more shooting, more shooting still, more driving, shooting, driving, driving, shooting, shooting, the end.

Dreams can be so abstruse.



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