Dear Val,

Please excuse YC’s absence from practice today. And yesterday. And, cough, Sunday. On Sunday, she did a home practice. On Monday, there was no school, and she had to take Older Son of YC to the orthodontist, where he got his Palate Expander, and then she spent the rest of the day moving furniture, opening and unpacking boxes of books and other media. Today, she was just really, really tired.
YC’s Conscience

2 Responses to Dear Val,

  1. samasthiti says:

    Better. You need a big ottoman/coffee table thingy to pull this together. those little wee tables are wee wee too leeetle. You can actually make one quite cheaply…

  2. laksmi says:

    the little table between the chairs should go. it’s in front of the fireplace! Also, the chairs are too ‘square on’. Can you give knee-man the rug in this room for his abominable tv room and get a new one for this one?

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