Laksmi, Interior Designer

She was right. Symmetry is better.



12 Responses to Laksmi, Interior Designer

  1. laksmi says:

    oh, now that looks really nice! And I am very impressed that you put the rods up yourself. My next job here is curtains for the living room.

  2. samasthiti says:

    You really need to create a conversation area. Your furniture is too far apart. Is this because you plan on doing yoga here?

  3. samasthiti says:

    You know the rug is supposed to have the furniture on top of it…..

  4. laksmi says:

    your furniture should be talking to each other. That’s what make for a conversational living room–conversational furniture. now show me the bedroom.

  5. laksmi says:

    oh, and half jesus says he likes it.

  6. Yoga Chickie says:

    It’s just the camera angle, Susan. It’s a 15 by 15 foot square, with a fireplace on one side. So, there’s really no way to bring the furniture in any closer. I hear you on the rug. If you look closely, there is one foot of each chair on the rug, and both little chinese benches are on the rug. But, yeah, the rug is too small for the room. Do you mean for me to go broke with this place? Give me some time, and we’ll work out the kinks…

  7. Yoga Chickie says:

    Laksmi, you didn’t notice the really really nice curtain rods with pineapple finials that I put up in the dining room? THOSE are impressive. I had to use decorative brackets, which was not easy. And I had to hang the panels so that the would just graze the ground because I don’t like the puddling on the floor look. The living room was much easier. Thanks HJ, btw.

  8. samasthiti says:

    Seriously, 10 feet between the sofa and chairs is not conversational. Bringing furniture out away from the walls was one of the first lessons in my interior design classes… And rugs are meant to create “areas” hence “area rug”. 15×15 is a lot of room. That’s 225 sq feet, you gotta lot of room to work with.
    That’s bigger than Linda’s hovel.

  9. Yoga Chickie says:

    Well….help!!!! Give me some idea of how to use the furniture that I have to create a more welcoming space. Welcome to HGYCTV.

  10. samasthiti says:

    Look at some magazines! Look at Better Homes and Garden! Look at Cottage Living. Very cute mags, and they typically have smaller houses that look so welcoming and lovely. I’d come over and push that furniture around if I lived closer. I wouldn’t even charge you:)

  11. laksmi says:

    snooze, will you come fix me up? i mean, you’re coming up next weekend.

    Bigger rug, lauren.

  12. okasankai says:

    moshi moshi yoga chickie… it is strange no, that i find myself speaking to you this evening…how i came find your blog is that i was searching for my sons website and when i googled his name i found the link which you stated that you had studied under him… i am speaking of Kovinda Kai…it is true… i am Kai’ mother and i am honered to meet one of his students…i am “okasanKai” which means “Kai’s Mother ) i would enjoy speaking to you..i created this blog simply because i was moved to share a moment with you this evening..Karma no? l.o.l 🙂 i am not astute in computer page formation so maybe you can assist me.. i do not even know how to post my picture yet… but for now i will leave you with great and honored regards in hopes that you will post your message on my blog

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