Living Room, with Mutt

I hung these swags, and I am damn proud of my handiwork. I am thinking of handing the husband a bill for all the work I’ve done around here. Have I mentioned that before? Pardon me if I am being repetitive, repetitive. I’m showing this in two photos because I couldn’t fit all three windows in one frame with the sofa on the other side of the room.

Practice is definitely suffering a bit from all of my exertions. But more about my practice later. Right now I have to call the cable company and get them to take off of my bill about 10 porno movies that no one ordered or watched or would have had time to order or watch. Jeez.



7 Responses to Living Room, with Mutt

  1. skelly says:

    Now are you sure you didnt watch the porno flicks, come on you can tell the truth 🙂

  2. laksmi says:

    oh, sure, ‘no one’ watched them…
    Hey, I’m a little disturbed by the curtain asymetry. Really, it’s painful for me to look at the tie backs. I mean, you have two windows there and you are treating them like one (same thing with the one on the left wall–no! not one curtain off to one side!). Go get another curtain for the other side of each window. Do I have to take up a collection?

  3. Yoga Chickie says:

    Laksmi, everyone believes they have good taste, a good sense of humor, impeccable grooming, etc. Unfortunately, it can’t be true for everyone, now can it?

  4. Yoga Chickie says:

    On the other hand, I’m looking at the photos, and wondering, COULD LAKSMI BE RIGHT???!!!! ARGH!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAY IT ISN’T SO!!

  5. laksmi says:

    it’s okay if I’m right. i won’t rub it in. But think of it–wouldn’t it be much more calming to look at if it didn’t look like you were showcasing the dresser thingy by framing it with two curtains that are drawn back and are saying ‘ta da!’….

  6. laksmi says:

    okay, i’m waiting for the pictures of the bedroom so i can help you out with that. Let’s go!

  7. laksmi says:

    oh, and did you know your damned dog is on that couch again?

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