The Yoga Chickie-amas

1. Don’t shit where you eat.

2. Don’t shag where you eat.

3. Don’t do it to someone if you don’t want it done to you.

4. Don’t expect anyone to be different to you than they are to anyone else.

5. Don’t tell your friends what to do.

6. Do as I say, not as I do.



4 Responses to The Yoga Chickie-amas

  1. Carl says:

    What’s wrong with shagging where one eats? Kitchen tables are great for shagging. Beds are best for sleeping.

  2. laksmi says:

    yes, can you shag where you eat? I shit NEAR to where I eat, and sometimes I even shit WHILE i’m eating (see MY FUCKING GREAT BLOG). Do you have any yamas that you wear to bed?

  3. jlafitte says:

    What’s wrong with eating in bed, between bouts of shagging?

  4. laksmi says:

    I really disagree with #s 2 and 3, oh, and #5, wait, and #5, oh, and 6. I think you’ve been sniffing the hot glue gun. get some air.

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