I am Elastigirl.

This is my son, The Ninja Warrior.

And this is Thanksgiving Dinner, who was crossing the street as we were driving to school this morning. TD was in high diva mode, clucking irritably, and refusing to clear the way for our SUV and the one parked on the other side of the road, waiting for clearance. I can understand why TD is feeling a bit pissy this time of year. But still.



2 Responses to I am Elastigirl.

  1. Dinnerland says:

    TD– that is hilarious.

    Wait until you see pictures of your nephew: Thomas the Tank Engine never looked cuter!!!

  2. Globetrotters says:

    Dinner looks good. A colleague on your side of the pond in the deep south (Georgia) says they have “Torkey shootin” around her way. She thinks they’re just a bunch of hillbillies, she emigrated there from new York!

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