Why work is boring nowadays

Ah, the good ole days. The days when everyone knew their place. Men worked to support their families, and ladies worked until they found a fella, moved to the country, where she cooked and cleaned and watched over her family without the bother of having to question it. And to keep the office worker bees busy, there was the game of scuttle, depicted last week on AMC’s Mad Men, which is an amazingly riveting drama as well as a history lesson in Cold War America.

After a lazy day in the country, seasoned with an uncomfortble and very non-Cold War American sense of “what the hell am I doing with my life when I could be doing something with my life, I just thought I’d share this reminiscence of a more “innocent” time.



3 Responses to Why work is boring nowadays

  1. samasthiti says:

    That is such a load of bullshit. Innocent…Puh.

  2. YC says:

    That was my point.

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