The luxury of a nap

After practice today, I came home, took a hot bath and then crept under the duvet to take refuge from the cold. It’s too early in the season to be fiddling with the heat program on the thermostats. We haven’t even had a frost yet, which means Indian Summer hasn’t even come anf gone. Next thing I knew, it was nearly four o’clock. I quickly dressed in some jaunty fall attire to wake up my senses and my motivation to be seen in public despite a serious case of bedhead – brown jodhpurs, tall suede boots and a tweed newsboy cap to hide the tangle of hair – and went down to the bottom of the driveway to meet my little one, whose school bus was due at four.

What gives with the exhaustion?

Is it the extra work I am putting into backbending? Or is it the cold I’ve been practicing through? Or is it the culmination of months of constant movement, gardening, biking, hiking, excessively practicing, decorating, etc.?

A friend to whom I related the nap story (not much of a story, really, but what else was there to say about my day?) commented, “You have such serenity, such calm, to be able to sleep like that.”

I just laughed and took Adam to Lacrosse practice.



One Response to The luxury of a nap

  1. The Mindbender says:

    I’m insomniac today for the first time in many months 😦

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