Revamping…but for what?

The yoga here in this neck of the woods is so good that I find it hard to imagine what I could add to the mix. On the other hand, not many people I know are willing to drive 30 plus minutes and cross state lines (especially when it involves Connecticut and their unnecessarily mean highway troopers) just to practice yoga, when they haven’t even been tempted by the kewlaid, let alone dipped from the vat.
But the ladies around here all seem to have something going on besides the mothering. Even if they don’t travel into an office, per se. They all seem to be doing something. Making jewelry, selling jeans and handbags, putting logos on workout clothes and selling them under some cute name. So, I figured, if I could gin up a card, maybe I could inspire myself into some sort of identity, which might lead to my actually teaching yoga up here in the great green and horsey north.
So, here it is. “Sweat, sculpt, smile” as a tagline, with an arm balance design to make it clear that this is the yoga for those who want more than a stretch class (unfortunately, that is the misperception of many, that yoga is a stretch class and not for those seeking a workout).
Downtown/uptown yoga is dead. Long live…whatever.

3 Responses to Revamping…but for what?

  1. skelly says:

    Get out there and teach, NOW !!!!!!

  2. Cody Pomeray says:


    If you need some marketing voodoo, I will gladly adopt you as a pro-bono client. Send me an e-mail and we can start the process.

    I could use a shala to practice at when I visit my relatives in Westchester!


  3. YC says:

    Oh! I do need some of that voodoo of which you speak! I will definitly contact you off-blog on that. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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