10 Seconds to Yoga Nidrasana

One One Thousand Two One Thousand….

Three One Thousand, Four One Thousand, Five One Thousand…

Six Onethousand – and why is that beep going faster now…Sevenonethousand…8,1000, 9,1000…

So criminal.
So much vanity.
So much fun with a self-timer on a lazy Saturday afternoon by the duck pond.
You are free to call 911 now.

5 Responses to 10 Seconds to Yoga Nidrasana

  1. cranky housefrau says:

    hey, Lauren, now that you have yourself in there, think about straightening the legs a little bit. this helped me bring my shoulders and chest forward of my legs so that this pose actually feels nice instead of like i was getting crushed into a little ball.

    nice job, BTW 🙂

  2. laksmi says:

    okay, your ass is WAY up in the air. It’s not target practice, doll. Cranky, you’re so supportive, it’s touching. I’m such a cow. You know, I can see the three of us making a nice little ass daisy together sometime with this pose.

  3. laksmi says:

    i love that chair.

  4. YC says:

    It’s not an ass. It’s a bootaaaay. It’s big, and it’s going to stick up, so there. How’s that for defensive?

    Aw. I can’t pull off the defensive at all. I totally hear you ladies. This is the best I can do at the moment. It’s a miracle I can do it at all considering where I was at a mere year six months ago – unable to bind in Supta K even with assistance. At this point, it is totally comfortable for me, I can hang out there all day long in Yoga Nee. BUT, it looks like crap, yes it does. I need to lengthen that spine, get the les wedged behind the neck better too. Straightening the legs as an avenue for that? Hmmm. I will have to see if that is possible. Last time I tried to straighten my legs, I ended up in a lying down version of Titti C – legs straight, hands bound, flat (well, not quite flat) on my back. I think the hips need some opening. This is the problem with cheating into poses by getting thin enough to bind but not open enough to really really do it properly.

  5. YC says:

    Oh, and the chair? Thanks! It’s one of the few things we have in our house. We have a long way to go.

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