Hell froze over. Again.

As I was finishing up my practice today, and willfully skipping Uth Pluthi because, well, I have been Uth Pluthi-ing in about EVERY vinyasa lately, and I’m jut tired of it already (well, not Uth Pluthi, but more like Lolasana, you know, pressing down hard on my palms to lift my little tuchas up), I noticed that Val was watching. Guilty, I said, “Yeah, I skipped Uth Pluthi….” But she wasn’t thinking about that. She sat down next to me and said that she wanted to talk.

I have to admit, I felt a bit clammy. I must have a guilty conscience. I was thinking she mightwant to talk to me about my blog, you know, ask me not to, or to think twice before blogging about my practie there. Like a certain teacher had in the past. I even for a moment thought that she might suggest that I go back to NYC. I have no idea why I think such awful things.

Instead she told me that she wants to get me started on Second Series. She didn’t want to cause any kind of conflict with Guy, and she didn’t want to teach it to me if I didn’t want to move past Primary yet, but she thinks I am ready and that it will be good for me.




16 Responses to Hell froze over. Again.

  1. Cody Pomeray says:

    decisions, decisions…do you commit to the famous teacher that got you through primary OR the local teacher that’s offering second?

    inquiring minds want to know!

    p.s. I think I might be dropping-in at Georgetown mysore on 10/17, if my work-travel schedule holds. A rare opportunity to see a poor half-primary performance in person!

  2. samasthiti says:

    Aww. Good for you.
    I think you are totally ready.
    From what I know from your blog:)

  3. YC says:

    Cody – so funny that you ask that question because it makes me realize how little I care about the famous factor. Not that I think of Guy as famous, although he is IS on the authorized teachers directory, which is something. Val is very humble. She told me she wouldn’t even be teaching at all if there weren’t a need for a teacher around here. If she were still in California, she’d still be Tim’s student. At this point, the pose is the pose is the pose, and if someone can teach it to me without injuring me, then I am happy.

    I definitely plan on being there on Oct 17 – but remind me on the 16th or thereabouts. Would be cool to meet you in person! But then you might have to tell me your real name!!!

    Susan? Is that you? Or did someone take over your blogger account?

  4. laksmi says:

    welcome to hell.

  5. The Mindbender says:

    Congratulations! although I’m with Laksmi: you don’t know what you are in for. I know I bloody well didn’t.

  6. lisa says:

    Well, I’ll tell you how I’ve approached such things in the past. But based on your “yippee!” I doubt it makes any difference.

    Follow your teacher, respect the woman your practicing with.

    What I mean is, when on my own or at Guy’s I practice as Guy has taught me. When traveling or living elsewhere for a prolonged period, if that new/temporary teacher wants me to do the next pose, I do it. But not when I get back to Guy’s and not during my own practice.

    One teacher.

  7. YC says:

    Why hell? What can be so bad about it that it could be worse than learning mari d, supta k and all those blasted updogs right after deep forward bending?

    Lisa. I have no clue who you are because the only lisa i know from guy’s has told me she isn’t the lisa that comments here under the name lisa. But anyway, your tone is a bit lecture-ish, and i don’t need a lecture. I can do whatever the hell i want when i am home. And when a guest in someone”s home, you do as they do. Christians cover their heads in synagogue, for example. I would never trot out new poses in.guy’s shala. As another example. My son who does tae kwon do would. Never show a numchucks move to his teacher in nyc, who would not teach numchucks to an eight year old purple belt.


  8. lisa says:

    ” And when a guest in someone”s home, you do as they do.”

    That’s exactly what I was saying. No lecture.

  9. rick says:

    Intermediate is hell not because of the poses (which are like primary, difficult and painful), but because of the sequencing and effects on the nervous system. Any illusions of yoga as calming and relaxing will go out the window, and be replaced by anxiety, nervous tension and insomnia. But congratulations….

  10. Ashtangi says:

    Duh! Of course you’re ready for second. Only Guy (or maybe Eddie – I don’t know him but hear he’s similar) would hold you back. Go for it!

  11. patrick says:

    two more cents…i find intermediate poses to be hell not because they’re painful or keep me up all night (they don’t), but because of things like, “bind in pasasana” or “drop back into kapotasana and touch your feet” or “hold that tittibhasana for five more breaths,” you know, little things like that.

  12. YC says:

    I guess I will have to see what the fuss is all about. Honestly, Primary was so traumatic for me. I really needed that “chikitsa” that Primary is. My body was a closed book, nailed shut. We gradually pulled out the nails, one by painful one. I am guessing the hellishness of Second is the emotional…like when I saw a girl at my CT shala go hysterical, crying, after Kapo. Yikes. I tend to giggle during chiropractic adjustments – like a nervous system reaction to the putting the pieces back together. I wonder what Kapo will do?

  13. The Mindbender says:

    Just emotional…tell that to my hamstrings insertions, that are hurting like when I first started doing yoga and had to sit on iced pea bags.

  14. Carl says:

    Hooray! A whole new series of poses for you to lust after and obsess over!

  15. laksmi says:

    yeah. the towel isn’t for the sweat. it’s for the tears.

  16. bindifry says:

    my personal observation of intermediate is that it is different for everyone. for some, it IS hell. and maybe they aren’t ready emotionally, but if the teacher has a reason to move you, they must think you are ready, so trust is important. i have seen students get moved too fast only to turn into flighty ego maniacs, too. but many students begin to develop strength where there wasn’t any before. that is the beauty of intermediate.
    after all, intermediate is just the other side of the coin. years ago, 1st & 2nd used to be taught simeltaneously. primary is good for second, second can be very good for first.
    anyhow, i personally did plenty of crying in primary & with backbends.
    most teachers keep you in pasasana for a long time, so intermediate often can take years to complete.
    enjoy yourself & your practice. i’m sure guy would not be insulted. he hired this teacher, he must trust her.

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