Fall Harvest!

New grass is finally growing in the bald patches…

From a few tiny pumpkin seeds, a tiny pumpkin patch grows…(pumpkins will arrive next month, hopefully in time for Halloween, if not then in time for Thanksgiving and pumpkin pie)

But for now, I have harvested my first EVER cucumber. Here is my little pride and joy….

When this little plot is good and spent, I’ll be turning it over and planting perennial shrubbery and moving my vegetable and herb gardening to a different venue on the property. But hopefully the roots will have added some nice conditioning to the soil for my boxwoods and barberries.

And that’s all she wrote about gardening.



4 Responses to Fall Harvest!

  1. laksmi says:

    send that to boodi. she needs it.

  2. eeyore says:


  3. eeyore says:

    maha mrityunjaya mantra

    lord shiva, the conqueror of death
    just as a cucumber is severed from the creper,
    may he liberate us from death and grant us immortality.

    om shanti

  4. eeyore says:


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