Biking is yoga on wheels

Biking is without a doubt the BEST way to get to know a geographica area. Walking is nice, but it takes too long. Running is too much effort, and likewise, takes too long to cover much ground. But on a bike, at a leisurely-looking-at-the-real-estate clip, you can cover 12 miles in an hour, without breaking much of a sweat. And if you want to break a sweat, then simply go faster.

On my bike today, I covered the dastardly hill just outside my front gate, the one that is 2 miles of uphill, the one that I bailed out on the first time I tried it. Then I rode the rolling hills beside the Mianus River into the Greenwich Back Country, past horse farms called “Lionshare” and “White Birch”, past estates with names like “Windy Hill” and “Spruce Ridge”, where you might think that the small house near the road is the house itself until little details like an open upstairs window with a sheet tacked up as a shade inform you that this is merely where the caretaker sleeps.

To see a New England stone fence in the midst of being built, to catch a not-entirely-unpleasant whiff of manure as you ride past a horse clomping around in a meadow, to see houses so old that their windows bear shutters that actually open and close to let in (or keep out) light and air…well, it is transporting. The mind has nowhere to go. Try as I might to think about things I have to do, to think about yoga even. My mind can’t or won’t engage at all. That’s yoga. Without the bending.

What else is yoga if not that?



2 Responses to Biking is yoga on wheels

  1. laksmi says:

    geographical. i couldn’t come visit you and not correct you. Go take a look at MY BLOG to join the carrot cake controversy.

  2. samasthiti says:

    I think it’s called depression, or a stroke or something.

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