I still got what it takes…

Apparently this is so. Because whatever I have, Ashtanga Voices don’t want it!

Today, I received an email from their fearless leader notifying me that they have “postponed” their acceptance of me as a co-blogger based on the concern “a few” of their participants (what, are there like 5 participants altogether?) had about, well, me posting on their blog. The fear is that if my posts could be construed in even a sliver of negative light, then it would stir up unwanted controversy. Well, hell, you know differing opinions will tend to do that. And if having a differing opinion from someone who disses my teacher without permitting a counterpoint view is wrong, then you know I have no plans to be right.

I expected nothing different when I sent my inquiry to the leader of Asana-obsessed Voices dot blogspot dot com.

My motivation? I thought it would be nice to say something positive about Guy and Lori and Ashtanga Yoga Shala, without saying anything negative about any other teachers. In other words, I hoped to offer to balance the views already presented on there.

Now, no cries of free speech please. A private forum, such as theirs is, is fully entitled to present only that point of view to which they themselves subscribe, which is to say that they are fully entitled to censor. And they did.

Course I knew they would.

And that’s okay by me. I feel better having asked.

Look, if you want the news that spins toward the left, don’t watch the Fox News Network. If you want a balanced view of Guy Donahaye’s teaching, don’t read that other blog. Or make sure you read this one too. Or read Elise’s blog. She’s in Mysore now, but is a longtime student of Guy.

That’s all.



20 Responses to I still got what it takes…

  1. Yogamum says:

    That’s lame. What are they afraid of?

  2. samasthiti says:

    yeah, fuck that.
    you piss me off but then again I like to get pissed off about stuff, makes me think sometimes.
    sometimes it just makes me pissed…but fuck.
    wow. I can’t believe boodi hangs with chicks who don’t like to be opinionated.

    anyway that place is really boring anyway!

  3. YC says:

    Boodi can be a TOTAL kissass sometimes, I think. Dontcha think? Boodi? Care to weigh in? My feeling about her is that she doesn’t like when people get pissy with her, so she tries to not get pissy with others. Am I right??!!

    I can be a kissass too. Like, I would never diss any teacher on a public forum. Even if I’m thinking not so good thoughts. I’ll just stay silent on it.

    That place is going to be very boring if it continues to be a Christopher Lovefest all the time. It is kind of funny though to read about the asana obsession of some students who have gotten pretty far into the physical practice.

    When that makes me feel all high and mighty and pissed off, I try to have compassion for them by remembering that I have two little boys and a husband and a big ole house to take care of. My life is not just all about me, shagging and bending.

  4. samasthiti says:

    Well, you know you got me on your side there.
    I think it’s called balance…not bendy. But you have to be able to stretch yourself to even further limits when you have all the shit we’re talking about. You have to do things for other people. That is a huge stretch..as Sharath says children are “8th series”.
    And marriage isn’t too far behind….

    As far as Boodi. She’ll take quite a bit of good natured dissin’, but if you cross a line with her she does get pissed.

  5. The Mindbender says:

    ” try to have compassion for them by remembering that I have two little boys and a husband and a big ole house to take care of. My life is not just all about me, shagging and bending. “

    Oh, there we go again, putting single people down. Great! As much as I’m behind you on this (I got rudely thrown out of that blog when I dared defend Guruji and the traditional way of teaching), I really wish you didn’t scoop down to implying than women that are married with kids are better than women that don’t.

  6. YC says:

    Vanessa…I did not mean to put you down or to put down single people. I was talking about people who have nothing else in their lives besides partying and yoga. This is clearly not you. And by the way, there are married people who have nothing in their lives besides their jobs. Or nothing in their lives besides their spouse and kids. These also deserve compassion. I know a few like this, and it breaks my heart for them because they aren’t “living”.

    In your case, you have way more going on than partying and yoga, and yet you STILL somehow have breezed through at least half of Second Series. For you, NO compassion! Only envy! Bitch!! Kidding.


  7. The Mindbender says:

    Thanks for the explanation. I sometimes suffer from Bridget Jones’s “singleton” syndrome. Or “they shoot single people, don’t they” in SATC.

  8. Amy says:

    That is lame. At one point, someone suggested they should relabel it “a place to post about your Ashtanga practice at Yoga Sutra,” which I think is right, particularly if they don’t want other teachers’ students giving differing opinions. Personally, I was always somewhat afraid of and never really comfortable with Christopher, which is why I stopped going to YS. Now that Greg’s there in the mornings I suppose could go back but I’m happy where I am. Different teachers work for different people, that is definitely the case. If they want to keep their blog exclusive for those who love Christopher, they should just say that up front. But on that note, I wanted to tell you I am SO happy that you have been practicing with Val! I believe I was the one who first told you about the existence of the Yoga Shala quite some time ago – I practice there on weekends/holidays when I am visiting my family in CT, and I think Val is a fantastic teacher – I hope you will continue to enjoy it.

  9. samasthiti says:

    It is harder to have children and a full time job and a husband and a yoga practice? It is. It is harder to be a mother than a single working girl. I have been both. It is a constant juggling act. Don’t try to tell me any different. Now, I did choose this so it’s my thing and I don’t expect any sympathy or awards. I do expect that you can understand that it is different and more complicated.

  10. The Mindbender says:

    I never said it wasn’t HARDER. I said you are not necessarily any BETTER for it. And don’t you try to tell me any different, either 🙂

  11. The Mindbender says:

    And yes, I can understand. There is no need to patronize me, thankyouverymuch.

  12. Carl says:

    You ladies have no idea how hard life can truly be! Life is much tougher for us single white males. We have no kids to anchor us to our nests so we’re always off on crazy adventures that might cause us to sprain our ankles or scrape our knees. We don’t have all those wacky hormones that make life automatically interesting every 28 days, either; we have to entertain ourselves all on our own. And gee whiz but people are always coming to us when the world needs saving!

  13. The Mindbender says:

    LOL I heart Carl

  14. lgr says:

    Wow! Disappointing that they would not “accept” you on their blog. I started doing ashtanga yoga 2 years ago after never doing yoga in my life and have always found your blog most insightful regarding everything from progressing through asanas, to diet, to the mental attitude.

    Your comments, I am sure, would have added quite a bit of entertainment and depth to the discussions. But maybe they simply wnat comments from people practicing at YS…but, why?

    Having been single for a long time and now married with a child – it is difficult to balance life and find the time to practice regular hours 5-6 days a week…BUT, as Carl and MB said, it ain’t easy being single either and the balancing act is the same – just different hurdles. And, of course, being married with kids, is not BETTER, but certainly much different

    Maybe the Ashtanga NY voices will change their mind and let YC speak…it would be fun!

  15. samasthiti says:

    Whatever. I’m not one to kiss your ass V….

  16. laksmi says:

    hey, you can be a wanker if you want. boodi’s probably just trying to get into those other gals’ pants and that’s why she’s on that blog. we could flame it. we could wank on it.
    Carl, don’t forget how hard it is to find a freshly douched and trimmed gal who is gorgeous yet somehow not boring, and will give you head while you play on your xbox.
    Now I see where the grammatically incorrect title on SNOOZIN’S blog came from…

  17. samasthiti says:

    I stupid, but I better.

  18. Julie says:

    HAHAHAHAA OMG I totally just remembered a story Soozin told me after a few beers in the bar!

    I prefer WII myself.

  19. laksmi says:

    hey, she wasn’t supposed to tell you that story.

  20. samasthiti says:

    What story? Holy shit. I shouldn’t drink so much.
    I am a serious kiss and teller…..:)

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