Dude, John Bonham’s Grandson is only 10 Years Old

When my 10-year old told me that there was this awesome drum player in his bunk at camp, whose grandfather was also, supposedly an awesome drummer, I thought nothing of it until I learned that his last name was Bonham. Being an adult for whom “classic rock” does not mean Pearl Jam or even The Cure, but rather, such actual long-toothed goldens as The Rolling Stones and Led Zepelin, the wheels in my brain started spinning. Bonham’s first name happens to be….Jagger. More wheels.

“Did your friend ever mention the name ‘Led Zepelin’?”

“Yeah, I think that was the name of his grandpa’s band.”

So, I did a little googling, just to see what might come up on this late generation drum prodigy, and, well not much. But I did find
this, on one of those “I’m a Professional Food Server, and You Suck” blogs, in which the waitron in question tells an underage kid that he’s not going to be served a cocktail unless he produces a valid I.D., or unless he happens to be “John Bonham’s Grandson.”

Good thing it wasn’t really JB’s grandson. Ten-year olds really shouldn’t drink.



10 Responses to Dude, John Bonham’s Grandson is only 10 Years Old

  1. Cody Pomeray says:

    His dad, Jason Bonham, is a pretty famous drummer, too.

  2. YC says:

    Yes, my MOM pointed that out in a private email.

  3. laksmi says:

    john bonham really wasn’t a very good drummer. his grandson is probably better than him.

  4. laksmi says:

    you’ve got a fucking widget! It’s a pretty neat one, too! fuck! i have to get to sleep. i have to go to work tomorrow. ugh…things are going to get a lot worse before they get better.

  5. laksmi says:

    yo-ga-chi-ckie yo-ga-chi-ckie yo-ga-chi-ckie!

  6. laksmi says:

    i dont know why i did that

  7. YC says:

    I know why….two words: wi dget.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi My name is Matt. I was just googling jagger bonham and this blog game up in my searches the reason i was doing this was because Jagger Bonham along with his 15 year old sister (who is in my grade) goes to my school. I go to a NBPS a prep school in coconut creek florida (south florida). his dad ( Jason Bonham) comes to school a lot. Its Awesome!!! he signs stuff like shirts and drum sticks. but yeah…another thing! did u ever notice all their first names start with a J??? lol

  9. What an all round well written piece!!!

  10. yogachickie says:

    Thank you!

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