I Confess

I practiced all the way up to Kapotasana yesterday, not that I can touch my toes with my fingers yet on that one, but whatever, that’s not the point. Here is the point: I can touch fingers in Pasasana, without assistance. I think the key is going to be figuring out how to place my wrapping arm appropriately. I remember that this was key to figuring out how to do Mari C – how to drape the wrapping arm so that the hand is in the proper place to grab or be grabbed. I found yesterday that if I wrapped my arm around one leg, a la Mari C, it gave me a clue as to how to properly wrap my arm around both the legs. The squat is not problem. Nor is the twist. It’s a mechanics thing, I think, that stands between me and a proper bind. Oh yeah, and the thing about actually being “given” the pose.

I also tried the Tittibhasana version where you bend over and wrap your arms around your legs, binding in a fashion similar to Supta Kurmasana. I got fingers to touch, but I couldn’t get them to hook. Still it was further than I had ever been in that pose, which I have been trying on and off for as long as I have been practicing Bikram yoga, in which the pose is referred to as “Guillotine” for obvious reasons.

Finally, I confess that I hung out in Yoga Nidrasana, fingers hooked, for a nice long while yesterday. All of this legs-behind-head stuff occured after Supta Kurmasana but before I headed into the backbending portion of my practice.

And thanks to Laksmi, I have a new way of practicing putting weight in my hands for my jump throughs. I do handstands against the wall with my fingers touching the wall. There is absolutely NO way to shift weight onto the fingers that way. I think Laksmi practices handstands this way for the sake of practicing handstands away from the wall. But I find it useful for my own (criminal?) purposes.

As for my non-criminal pursuit of backbending prowess, progress is happening, albeit slowly. Standing up is happening, but a la Jumpy Monkey. Not graceful yet. In time….

One glitch: I am so sore today, I can barely walk up and down the stairs in my house. Damn quariceps. Damn enire front body, for that matter.

Must be because I practiced on a mooon day. Or practiced stuff that I haven’t been taught by a blessed teacher.

Apparently there are at least two prisons here in Northern Westchester. Lock me up. I’m a yoga criminal.



3 Responses to I Confess

  1. samasthiti says:

    Laksmi’s teacher teaches the handstand this way.
    More control….Laksmi’s teacher is the best.

  2. laksmi says:

    head last! head last! Then no monkey jump ups! And yeah, my teacher is the best and most criminal

  3. boodiba says:

    A criminal way to practice Pashasana at home. Use a timer and a wall. Prop the back of your butt on the wall, so you can get your heels flat. (Set timer for 1m).

    I learned to bind to my wrists this way, and now I can do it “in shala” while balancing with heels up.

    Course I wouldn’t give up the Greg assist for anything. I’m getting closer to being able to get the heels down… Gotta push hard against the bind of the noose. Right now I shoot straight up & end up losing the bind vertically.

    Coming someday, maybe.

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