I need help with my Spanish-speaking (solamente en Espanol), in order to communicate effectively with my gardener.

I need him to dig up the clay, dirt and mulch under the nearly-dead trees along the edges of the propety and mix it all up in order to improve the quality of the soil so that the trees can stop dying on me. As it is, they have their roots in solid clay and get zero percent water, even during torrential downpours. Clay does not conduct water very well. Water simply runs off of it. It does not run though it. If we add sandy diret and chunky mulch to it and mix it all up, it ought to become a bit more hospitable to the trees struggling within it.

I have already had some degree of succss in this with my hideous climbing roses and my once-anemic hydrangea tree. Both seem to be doing a lot better now. I am even more than a week into my mums-planting, with nary a dead flower in sight. I am thinking that soil preparation is the KEY to gardening.

Well, duh.

Anyway, let’s just forget about the notion that my gardener “should” know this, and I shouldn’t “have” to tell him this. Because there are about three gardeners around here who know what they should know, and they all have PhD’s in Botany an Arbor studies, and I can’t afford to pay them to cut my grass. Maybe one day, no in the too distant future, I will be able to hire Joe Gadener to cut my grass and Dr. Arborist to muddle his way through my gardening challenges. But for now, I need to TILL THAT SOIL, far more soil than I have time or energy to do myself.

So, Spanish speakers…a little help here?

Mooches grassy ass.



6 Responses to Ayudarme

  1. The Mindbender says:

    Give me a bunch of key sentences, and I’ll translate them for you.

  2. samasthiti says:

    Um, how about do it yourself? That’s what the rest of us poor folk do….

  3. Carl says:

    Good luck getting him to dig up the clay. That job sucks.

  4. YC says:

    I don’t think much clay got dug up. I think I need to take The Mindbender up on her offer…

  5. boodiba says:

    Screaming & yelling not working? 🙂 Just kidding.

  6. samasthiti says:

    Hand gestures?

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