I’m sore from yesterday. It must be the yoga, because the other stuff I did – running around with the kids, playing tag in the pool with Adam, light gardening – none of that has had the power to hobble me the way practice after no practice does.

I took a hot bath. No improvement. I took an advil – a single advil. No improvement. I am going to just keep moving today and hope that by the end of the day, I can face my mat again. No high expectations. Just get on the mat for the sake of getting on the mat.



2 Responses to Ow

  1. jodymrtnz says:

    you have a pool at the new place?! SWANKY!!!

  2. YC says:

    I don’t have a pool – we belong to a pool club about 8 minutes from here. The kids are addictd already. We had like NO time to go today, so we ended up going for the last 40 minutes it was open!

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