The Teddy Bear Has Been Compromised

Anyone see the trailer for The Nanny Diaries? I am so looking forward to seeing this flick. I once had a nanny cam. It wasn’t compromised. But the nanny was history. As soon as I left the house, she went to the window and looked down at the street to see that I was safely gone, then proceeded to mutter choice insults about me to herself and then heartily heer when I almost got mowed down by an oncoming vehicle: “Right on red, bitch.”

I am no Mrs. X, however. My nannies only did nanny work for me. I did not treat them as personal assistants, and I did not invade their personal space. All of my nannies except for that first one and one that came later, who left when she became pregnant out of wedlock, stayed with me for the two years that they promised upfront and the have stayed in touch with me ever since, from as far away as Prague and as close as the apartment of the acquaintence across the street who hired Sarah when I no longer had full-time work for her.

Anyway, why am I talking about nannies when MY KIDS ARE HOME!!! YAY!! And they don’t hate me!!! And they are happy to be home!!

And now, bragging rights time….two things I did not know about while camp was going on were that Brian was elected Color War Captain for his age group, and the counselors and administration appointed him to the highly coveted “Honor Scroll” for his age group, meaning that he, out of everyone in his age group, BEST exemplified the Camp ethos. His nickname was “Mr. Clutch”. He is truly an outstanding person, and I am amazed that I have any part in raising him.

Adam was honored with the title of Mr. Waterfront, being the child who made his way to the lakefront whenever it wasn’t literally raining cats and dogs. He was integral in bringing the Camp Regatta Team to Fourth Place out of 15 in the Berkshires Regatta at Camp Wah-Tee-Toh. His nickname was Lost Boy, not because he couldn’t make his way, but because he is missing his two front teeth and looks like a vampire. OK, so, he’s nicknamed after a Corey. Fine. I’m still kvelling.

Today I am cleared for a gradual re-entry into the yoga world.



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