This is a major relief for me, seeing as I have moved to the land of “Ashtanga? What’s That?” So, assuming I can stay at my present weight, or at least long enough for my actual flexibility and coordination to catch up to my reduced girth-enhancd tricks, I will no longer have to feel that it’s run-into-the-city or languish.




Why is it that after any kind of time-off period from Astanga, I always come back with enhanced abilities? Is it that I forget fears? Is it that my body forgets bad habits? Is it that the time off is actually irrelevant and that I would have been able to do whatever it is I am doing whether or not I took the time off?

I also did a monkey-stand-up from my first drop-back today. Hey, a monkey-stand-up is better than a stand up onto my knees ala Ustrasana. Or none at all.

Both Mark and Stan Woodman (Ashtanga teacher in Greenwich, CT, with whom I spoke on the phone recently) told me that Supta K usually can’t be bound without assistance until one has been Dwi Pada-ing on a regular basis for a while. Guess I proved the exception to the rule that proves the rule.

Did I say YAY???


P.S. Yeah, I got footage to prove it. Now, to figure out how to upload it.



  1. The Mindbender says:

    I agree with those teachers, they were probably talking about Supta Kurmasana with the ankles well behind the head. If that is what you did, congratulations, I know very few people that can put themselves into that from the floor.

    I’m not trying to rain on your parade – remember, I can’t put myself in ANY version of Supta K.

  2. Sergio says:


  3. boodiba says:

    Congrats!! I think sometimes muscles relax with a little break and you can indeed “learn in absences”.

    I dwi pada and then do the supta k – I think that’s perfectly acceptable.

  4. YC says:

    v- they were talking about ANY bound version of Supta K, regardless of where the ankles are.

  5. The Mindbender says:

    Really? I’ve seen a few people do it at my shala who have never done Dwi Pada yet. They bind the hands and then wiggle the feet until the right one climbs over the left one.

    One day I’ll get there 🙂

  6. YC says:

    I have only seen a few people doing what you’re talking about V (which is what I did to get into it myself). I have seen my teacher teaching people who are practicing second series to dwi pada their way into Supta K. But only people already practicing second series. Everyone else gets put into it if Guy is available – a few people wriggle into it themselves. When I have practiced with Greg, he has waited for me to try to do it myself though. Interesting. Different teachers, different styles.

  7. lisa says:

    … and on a moonday, no less.

    Hey – there’s been a little bag at the shala for like 3 weeks with your name on it in the women’s changing area… from Gitu.

  8. jodymrtnz says:

    ive never dwi pada’s in my life and I can get myself into supta k on my own. not everyday mind you, i dont even practice everyday, or at guys because he always helps you into it. most people at AYNY get into it on their own who aren’t practicing 2nd.

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