Two mysteries for the price of one

First mystery: why the sudden 33% uptick in my daily average of new readers (from in the 200’s to in the 300’s)? At first I was like, is it the whole Squirrel thing? Are that many people reading the Voodoo Queen’s blog and then getting referred to mine via the comments section? The I remembered that I, Yoga Chickie, am the Source Of All Things, at least all things Blogworthy, or at least in my mind I am.

Hence, some digging was in order.

Literally, as you shall soon see.

What I discovered after about two seconds-worth of sleuthing (luckily, I didn’t have to dig as far as the people who solved Mystery Number Two, see below) is that people from all over the world are finding my blog when they search for “Hatshepsut”. Hatshepswhowhat? Well, for those who don’t know that Hatshepsut was the “Original Drag King”, I’ve provided you pretty much all the information you need to know about Hatshepsut in this here history-making blog entry.

But why all the sudden interest in a woman who was the only woman to become a successful Pharoah in Ancient Egypt and whose entire existence and memory was erased (or an attempt at erasure was made) by the jealous and, I suppose, slightly embarassed, successors to the Pharoah throne?

I mean, dude’s been dead for like thousands of years.

Well, a quick google search of my own produced This Article from the Guardian Unlimited, which was published on this very day. The gist of it is the subject of Mystery Number Two.

Second Mystery: Whatever happened to Hatshepsut’s mummified remains (since her tomb was revealed to contain nothing but the remains of dead geese), and what mysteries do those remains hold?

The answers were found in the form of a tooth that was part of the artifacts with which Hatshepsut was buried (Only the body was removed from the tomb. Silly grave robbers, leaving behind damning evidence!). When an unidentified mummy found near the empty tomb was examined, it was found to be missing a tooth (many teeth actually), which tooth was determined to be the tooth that belonged to Hatshepsut, and which was buried in her body-less tomb. Thus, it was determined that the unidentified mummy was actually Hatshepsut. And from that discovery, it was also determined that Hatshepsut was obese, had bad teeth and most likely died from cancer.

Speaking of teeth, here is Adam’s favorite memory from Second Grade (see below for context):



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