So, around five o’clock p.m., I got myself up outta my funk and drove down to the shala for an afternoon hit of yoga. And it was just what the jungle doctor ordered. I am loving practicing all of Primary. For some reason, my vinyasas get stronger after Baddha Konasana. Maybe it’s because the asanas get easier. Probably, actually.

I was going to go back tomorrow to do the Led Primary class, but now it turns out I’m teaching it. It’s better that way – practicing on Saturday always catches up with me later in the week.

I guess my kids are probably asleep in their bunks now, if they can sleep with all the darkness (no city lights outside the windows) and the silence (well, except for the sound of crickets).

Meanwhile, the Husband is like anxiety on wheels. He’s very out of touch with his feelings, so he doesn’t even realize that he’s filled with anxiety about the move, the closings (we close the sale of our apartment this coming week and the purchase of our house next week) and about the kids being away for seven weeks. Instead, he’s just stalking around the aparment complaining about the mess. Yeah, it’s a mess. No one is really focusing on cleaning at this point. The focus is on packing. I wish he would take my class tomorrow. But sadly for him, he doesn’t know how to set aside his anxiety long enough to do something good for himself. This is what I used to be like, so I can relate. My life used to involve a lot more suffering. With the yoga, I’ve learned to put aside a lot of my petty irritations and obsessions.

If I had one wish right now, it would be that my children are happy and healthy. If I had two wishes, the second one would be that my husband would learn to let go of the petty irritations and annoyances and enjoy his life more.



4 Responses to Yo-zac

  1. Debby says:

    That is a very sweet thought about the H.

    I’m sorry but I really can’t feel sorry for you about the skinny thing, even if your dress doesn’t fit very well. My bathing suit doesn’t fit very well, either, but for the opposite reason.

    You were in my dream last night and it was a very weird one. But we were having fun.

    Going on a 12 mile mountain run up to 11,000 feet this morning. I am nervous because it’s really hard. Right now I’m tanking up on coffee and soon will eat 1/2 a pb&j. Not the yoga way but then again, it’s not yoga this morning.

  2. boodiba says:

    You’ve never been able to tempt the husband to practice? I guess it can seem extreme & freaky on the outside…

    Hey have you ever tried an Iyengar class at Sutra?

  3. eeyore says:

    iyengar might further antagonize him. what about bikram? you like it, maybe he would, too.

  4. laksmi says:

    god, doesn’t anyone practice in the morning?

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