I feel bleh.

No shala x for me today as I had my sixhundredeightyfifth school thing today, this one the fourth grade publishing party, which means the students show off their research and writing. It’s a big thing at our school, maybe all schools these days.

Brian has a very pre-teen pre-flirtation flirtation with a girl in his class. She calls him Mr. Doughnut. He teases her about silly things with a huge toothy grin that runs from ear to ear, from chin to forehead.

Some of the kids requested a yoga session, which has become a tradition in this class after these parties. Not sure how it started, but the teacher likes it because it gives her a chance to reorganize after the party but before class starts again, and I like it because it gives me an excuse to not help with the cleanup. It was fun. Everyone always feels good after a little bending and conscious breathing.

Now I’m feeling down. Not sure if it is that I didn’t practice and get my endorphin rush, or if it’s the impending move or the fact that I am going to miss my kids for the next seven weeks, or what. I also feel horribly sore, especially the muscles on the back of my ribcage, and then next inseverity, on my butt, my glutes. Could it be that it actually is kicking my ass to be doing all (minus setu b) of Primary???!!! Say it isn’t so!!!!!!!

Seriously. Say it isn’t so. Or is it so? Is the addition of six more poses, and with them, six more chatturangas, updogs and downdoga – as well as a chakrasana and all the jump throughs – is that really taxing my body as – get used to it? I never would have thought there would be any significance at all to adding these relaxing rolling poses. But the vinyasas….and the backbending that follows, which has been far more energetic and enthusiastic thanks to the new six-pose distance between Supta K and the first backbend….maybe it’s all adding up to a harder workout for me?

Or maybe I am depressed! Ever since they started showing those really sad commercials on tv for Cymbalta, you know, the ones that are all about “Who does depression hurt? Everyone.”. And which emphasize depression’s physical symptoms….well, every time I have an ache or pain, I wonder if I should get me to a psychiatrist for evaluation. Some might call it Park Avenue Lady Syndrome, not that I live on Park, but the idea is that these ladies of leisure have nothing better to do than get dressed up and visit doctors….


It is also kind of grey out today. Could be just a temporary mood downswing too…



2 Responses to bleh

  1. Elaina says:

    Everyone gets down once and a while, It is sooo normal to be sad every so often. Plus, the happy times wouldn’t be as special without the grey ones! I hope you feel happy again soon, but it is understandable with all that you have going on that you would feel this way. I’ll be thinking of you.

  2. laksmi says:

    could be the barometer. I worked with a guy in holland who swore his mood was affected by the barometer. I’m starting to think he was right.

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