It’s on.

Take notice, Squirrel, that you’ve been served.

My friend Jody is not bad-wig-wearing, pancake-makeup-spackling, blog-pot-stirring, grammar-mangling, retarded drag queen. He is an intelligent, handsome, deep-voiced man who practices yoga at dawn, then works, then goes to school. If his blog posts do not adhere to Strunk’s Elements of Style, it is because he doesn’t have enough time to type carefully or use spellcheck. What he does have time to do is to translate the word “catvari” into sanskrit; hence the blog name as symbols. What he doesn’t have time to do, besides proofing or spellchecking, is to spend much time blogging.

What he would NEVER do is to (1) put a photo up on his blog of an unsuspecting stranger for the sole purpose of mockery or (2) lift the contents of another person’s blog wholesale and put it on his blog for the sole purpose of mockery.

For that matter, he would also never do what I am doing right now, which is throwing it down for no other reason than everyone seems to be demanding a blog war, and I believe that I am the blogger who is best able to deliver on that. To wit, the Boodiba Date-Photo Debacle, and the Send Yoga Chickie Some Swag Stir-Up, which related to the Send Tiff To India or Samasthiti Will Come to Your House and Beat You Up Aggravation. I do it right.

Do I not?




3 Responses to It’s on.

  1. Cody Pomeray says:

    I don’t know. I don’t think blog wars can be manufactured. they just have to develop organically. like growing asparagus.

    plus, you might not even be defending jody if he butchers your hair tomorrow.

  2. YC says:

    But I am trying my best to make sure that does not happen..hence the kissy assy (but sincere) stuff.

  3. skelly says:

    When you “serve” some one does that mean you have a dance off? Or would it be a yoga off? I only have US films to go on

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